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House of Hades - UK cover by Fangirl901 House of Hades - UK cover :iconfangirl901:Fangirl901 38 47
Baby it's cold outside
"Wow Zeus really isn't happy." Percy mumbled as he drew Annabeth against himself; leaning into her skin for warmth. She sighed in response and glanced to the window where she could see that the snow storm had really picked up outside. The sound of the wind running through the trees in the forest was making her body shiver even though she was perfectly warm wrapped up in Percy's arms.
"I know, but I can't stay any longer." She attempted to pry herself away from him but he just pulled her closer and nuzzled his face into her hair.
"But it's cold outside."
"Percy my cabin is literally a half minute walk away." She reminded him, but felt herself giving into the warmth of his gentle arms and putting her head against his shoulder.
"But it's cold outside." He reminded her again, as if she hadn't spoken at all. Rolling her eyes Annabeth flipped around so that she was facing him, eye to eye, nose to nose, her legs wrapped around his middle.
"I'm sorry Percy. This evening…"
"I'm not happy unless
:iconfangirl901:Fangirl901 29 41
Percy's Reaction to Mark of Athena
"Maybe you should let him in?" J.K Rowling suggested as Rick Roirdan continued to barricade the door with anything he could find, chairs, books, tables…anything that would stop Percy getting through the door.
"Are you crazy? He's going to kill me." Rick replied; his face paling as his voice quivered in fear.
"Then why in the name of the angel did you end the book with…"
"RICK RIORDAN LET ME IN! PLEASE?" Percy begged from the other side.
"He won't kill you." Rowling rolled her eyes. "If he kills you then he'll die because he can't live without you."  Sighing Rick removed the objects and pulled the door open.
"That sounds like a really messed up love story." Cassandra Clare commented."An author and their character, trapped inside a web of forbidden love..."
"Still a better love story than twilight." J.K added. Stephanie Meyer bit her lip as she hoovere
:iconfangirl901:Fangirl901 199 180
Mark of Athena - british Cover by Fangirl901 Mark of Athena - british Cover :iconfangirl901:Fangirl901 40 112 Magnus Bane: High Warlock of Brooklyn by Fangirl901 Magnus Bane: High Warlock of Brooklyn :iconfangirl901:Fangirl901 10 3
Deviantart's 12th Birthday thing
For deviantART's 12th birthday, the staff decided to throw a delicious surprise party for Fella. They gathered at Fella's favorite restaurant, The Fancy Baby goat, with presents in hand. Llama brought Fella to the door and once they stepped in, all of the staff screamed, "BLOODY HELL!" Fella was so shocked that he instantly collapsed. He opened his presents to find that Llama had given him 12 whales. He was amazed! He would never forget that night.
:iconfangirl901:Fangirl901 2 1
City of Heavenly Fire
Alec closed the door behind him gently, hoping it was enough to keep Jace asleep in the Infirmary. The blonde haired, yellow eyed, golden skinned shadowhunter claimed he was feeling a lot better, however the silent brothers thought it would be best if he kept it easy for another day or two until they could figure out how safe it would be for him to be up and walking, considering the fact he was filled with heavenly fire, and essentially a human bomb. Not that he minded being waited on hand and foot by his adoptive siblings, but he was certainly getting restless with nothing to kill. Luckily Clary was now able to sneak into his room on a daily basis; it wasn't that Alec wasn't pleased about this, nothing made Jace happier than Clary, but it meant that he wasn't needed anymore. Not that Jace had ever really needed him. So with no more Magnus Alec had spent the last couple of days moping around the library, searching through books to find a way of catching Sebastian.
He checked his pocket
:iconfangirl901:Fangirl901 16 15
Mark of Athena VIII
Hazel VIII
"What's Nico got to do with this?" Hazel asked, after a few moments of silence had passed over the rest of the Argo occupants. She saw Percy lift his head to Annabeth who shrugged at him as if it didn't really matter; this was all just stopping them from leaving Camp Jupiter and going to Rome to fulfil the prophecy. At least that's the way the others all saw it, but Nico was her brother. Hazel could understand the importance of the urgency surrounding the whole mission, of course she could, but if he was wound up in this she wanted to know how and why.
"Hazel…Nico isn't a son of Pluto, and he's not Pluto's ambassador." Percy told her matter of factly, but Hazel shook her head quickly.
"Yes he is, I've seen him control skeletons, and I saw him walking around the underworld, and I…"
"He's a son of Hades." Jason told her suddenly, sending all eyes his way. "He's from their camp. He tricked us." The viciousness in Jason's voice made Piper step back a little as Hazel's
:iconfangirl901:Fangirl901 24 61
Mark of Athena - offical cover by Fangirl901 Mark of Athena - offical cover :iconfangirl901:Fangirl901 42 64 Books by Fangirl901 Books :iconfangirl901:Fangirl901 16 113
Finnick's reaction to Mockingjay
"WHAT THE HELL!" Finnick exclaimed banging down the office door and stamping his foot like a 5 year old. At the computer Rick Roirdan put his hands up in front of his face and closed his eyes.
"Please don't hurt me." He squealed.
"Why would I hurt YOU?" Finnick asked raising an eyebrow; Rick opened one eye and took a glance at the boy he was talking to.
"Oh sorry, you're not one of mine, I thought…"
"Finnick," Suzanne Collins pulled herself from the chair she was sharing with J.K. Rowling and Cassandra Clare. "I know you're upset." She told him in a calming tone, slowly reaching a hand out to his shoulder "But I can explain."
"Go on then." He crossed his arms over his chest; Finnick stood a little over a head taller than his author, and was sending her down a look that could kill.
"Authors always kill of the best characters; they're who the audience likes the most so it will have the biggest effect when they die. It's a compliment that I chose you to die."
"Do I look stupid to you
:iconfangirl901:Fangirl901 69 173
Percy gives Nico 'The Talk.'
“DIE! DIE! DIE!” Nico cried, slamming his toy skeleton through the neatly arranged toy soldiers on his floor.
“Uhh Nico?” Percy asked; tip toeing into the Hades cabin, his hands behind his back and his cheeks a hot pink colour. Nico looked up from the game he was playing and turned an irritated glance towards his older cousin, how dare he interrupt his game.
“Yes?” He demanded.
“Well Annabeth thinks…I think…you’re 12 now right?”
“I was 13 in January.” Nico reminded him.
“Right yeah 13 that’s what I said.” Percy said waving away the comment and sitting on the floor next to the younger boy. He run a hand through his hair nervously and sighed. “You’ve had the talk right?” Nico looked at him blankly.
“The talk?”
“Yeah…like the birds and the bees.”
“Percy are you feeling alright? Why are you mumbling about birds and be
:iconfangirl901:Fangirl901 136 176
Mark of Athena VII
Everything was ready, the engines where heating up and the mast was flying in the early evening breeze. All that was missing was Percy, who seemed to be taking a little longer than he promised. The rest of them where sat in the small room they had reserved for meetings, they didn't want to be in deck it would draw too much attention for the Romans. It was strange to think Jason had from this camp, who seemed to absolutely hate them, if he hadn't been swapped would he have thought the same as Octavian? No Leo couldn't think that of his friend. His best friend. One of his only friends.
The room wasn't much, just a rectangular space cut off with a large wooden table in the centre. Annabeth set at the head, drumming her fingers in anticipation. Jason had his hands behind his back and was stood by one of the port holes looking out. He was nervous that much was obvious. Leo tried to remember that this was his home. Hazel was sat opposite him, leaning against one of her hands lazily.
:iconfangirl901:Fangirl901 30 91
Nico's first Valentine
Nico looked down at the thing in pure horror; it was everything he stood against. For starters it was in the shape of a heart, a HEART! That wasn't even what real hearts looked like at all, real hearts where roundish and squidgy and normally dripping with blood. This thing was made of cardboard and a disgusting pale pink colour, similar to the flush that had crept onto his normally pale cheeks. The writing had been done in a black biro and was in some fancy French font.
Nico di Angelo,
You make my mind blow
You're always so mysterious,
But why so serious?
Now is your time to shine
Oh Nico be my Valentine!

Frowning Nico stuffed it quickly into the pockets of his black skinny jeans, not caring if it got scrunched. Angrily he stomped out of the Hades cabin, where he'd been having a rather nice lie in before a knock at the door, having gone to answer it he'd found the card on the steps along with a bunch of roses, how cliché.
Over in the distance he caught the sou
:iconfangirl901:Fangirl901 60 49
Finding Iggy's princess
“Spare clothes?”
“Sleeping bags?”
“Story book?”
“Check!” Nudge said excitedly zipping up the back-pack and turning to Gasman who was grinning back at her so that you could see where he had lost his front tooth. The tooth fairy had come and given Gasman a whole $5 for it. “How long do you think we’ll be gone?” Gasman looked thoughtful for a few minutes and then looked at the digital clock beside his bed.
“Well it’s THAT time now so we should be back for dinner.” He explained pointing at the clock. “Should we leave them a note so they don’t get worried?” Nudge nodded eagerly and ran over to the desk where Gasman kept a pot of crayons and a note pad, she hastily scribbled in the few letters she knew and then did a picture of the princes
:iconfangirl901:Fangirl901 2 10
Turn the Light Off
Fang scrunched his eyes up as tight as they would go. He pulled the pillow over his head. He ducked underneath his duvet. No matter what he did he still couldn’t get to sleep, the light was just too bright for him. Sighing he pulled himself out of the blankets and looked up. Gasman was laying on his front in the bed opposite, his arm draped over the edge, his mouth open slightly, his eyes closed. They were having to share a room at the hotel, and Fang new the younger boy couldn’t get to sleep with the light off, but he was asleep now right? Reaching over Fang clicked the light off quickly and pulled himself back into his bed. In the darkness it was easy to just drift off into…
Fang sat back up, the light was on and a very annoyed looking Gasman was glaring at him across the room, his hair a blonde mess, and his blanket pulled around him for warmth.
“Light on.” He demanded and dived back into the sheets. Glancing at the digital alarm clock on th
:iconfangirl901:Fangirl901 14 21




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Wow it's's been a very long time! Snow has fallen, trees have shed, the sun has risen and set like a million times. Just wondering how many people still follow this account and would be interested in be uploading some of the stuff I've done over the 3 years? Any old friends still lurking about? 

missing you all, 



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Hi! My name is Jess, I'm 19 and in my first year of studying to be a student nurse

I read. A lot. And when I'm not reading I'm writing about what I've read. :D

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List of my current favourite Book series:

:bulletred: Percy Jackson and the Olympians
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:bulletred: Maximum Ride
:bulletred: The Mortal Instruments
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:bulletred: The Black Magician Trilogy
:bulletred: Noughts and Crosses.
:bulletred: Heroes of Oylmpus


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